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The Texart delivers the refined and expressive power of textiles right down to the finest detail.
Developed specifically for textiles, the RT-640 provides superb quality, vivid coloring and highly stable performance.
The RT-640 can add value to your business through a wide range of applications including apparels, signs, interior décors, and original goods.

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The advanced Texart XT-640 dye sublimation transfer printer
maximizes outstanding productivity, exceptional print quality
and renowned reliability to achieve optimum results
for a wide range of textile applications, including sports apparel,
fashion apparel, soft signage and more.
The XT-640's brilliant performance creates stunning beauty for your business.

Texart XT-640

Texart XT-640

Select the best ink configuration for your business.

8 ColorsCMYKLcLm+Or(Orange)+Vi(Violet)
4 ColorsCMYK
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