Roland VersaUV printer/cutters have revolutionised the packaging prototype and short-run label industries with their ability to print CMYK plus White and Clear ink for special effects, on a vast array of substrates. Now, the all new LEC-540 takes your productivity to the next level with 1371mm (54”) print width, enhanced print & cut workflows such as producing folds and perforated cuts, and also built-in support for rigid substrates.

Imagine producing one-off packaging prototypes and short-run labels on a vast array of substrates, including metallic and synthetic papers, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film, even leather and fabrics.

Roland’s DPI award-winning VersaUV LEC series is the world’s first UV inkjet printer/cutter line using safe, low-heat LED lamps. VersaUV prints CMYK + White + Clear for unmatched colour, texture and dimension. Clear coat adds remarkably rich special effects ranging from high-gloss finish for area highlights to custom-textured effects such as faux leather and crocodile skin. Roland ECO-UV inks produce graphics that are easy to handle and can be stretched across both curved surfaces and sharp edges without cracking.

The top-of-the-line LEC-540 offers faster production printing up to 11.7 sq m./hr. and high image quality up to 1440x1440 dpi, making it ideally suited for short-run production of labels and specialty graphics – as well as prototyping applications. The VersaUV LEC-540 can also be configured in your choice of three ink combinations. The LEC-540’s Intelligent Ink Circulation System optimises ink usage and minimises waste and an optimised hood design ensures compatibility with semi-rigid substrates including card stocks and polycarbonates.

Feature Summary

  • 54” UV inkjet printer/cutter
  • Prints, contour cuts, perf-cuts and creases designs
  • Environmentally friendly ECO-UV inks
  • Layered Clear produces unique textures and finishes
  • Supports hundreds of media options including support for semi rigid substrates
  • Safe, long lasting and energy efficient LED Lamps
  • Intelligent Ink Circulation System prevents white ink from settling
  • Software drivers available from leading providers of color management and proofing software (CGS, GMG, EFI)


Wide-Format Printing and Unmatched Print Quality Make a Variety of Applications Feasible

The LEC-540 accepts media up to 1372mm wide for large-scale graphics that are highly customized. Create realistic packaging prototypes for your clients to review, or textured fine art posters that look and feel just like hand-painted art. Labels, decals, and even control panels are easy to produce, all from one device through one seamless workflow. Choose from vinyl, polyester film, synthetic paper, PET, banner, and even clay-coated newsback board (CCNB) and other rigid substrates up to 1mm thick. For optimum results, built-in front and back tables support flawless feeding of thicker materials. Artistic print mode delivers 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution for uncompromising image quality. Across a wide variety of applications and media, Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology delivers outstanding image quality in all print modes while eliminating virtually any signs of banding.

*For the best results, test print your LEC-540 graphics on each substrate before production.

Add Unique Special Effects - All on One Device

The VersaUV beautifully prints your design and finishes graphics with rich special effects created by 3-dimensional layers of clear coat ink. 72 ready-to-use textures are available, adding luxury and distinction to your prototypes and comps. Choose any combination of matte and gloss finishes and layer them for interesting patterns. Use white ink to print on transparent and shrink wrap film for food packaging prototypes.

The LEC-540 offers 72 ready-to-use texture patterns.

The ECO-UV Ink with Three Ink Configurations

Across an unprecedented range of substrates, the LEC-540 prints ECO-UV inks in CMYK + White + Clear. The LEC-540 can be configured with any of these three ink combinations.

As the most versatile ink configuration, CMYK + White + Clear can be used for a wide range of applications with matte or gloss varnish and unique textured graphics.
The CMYK + White + White mode achieves higher opacity without slowing down the printing with overprinting. It’s perfect for white text and graphics, undercoats and to enhance the brightness of four-color prints.
The CMYK + Clear + Clear mode can build up three-dimensional textures twice as fast as the normal ink mode and can produce more dramatic effects with bigger reliefs.

The ECO-UV S Ink Opens Up New Opportunities for On-Demand UV Printing

ECO-UV S Ink stretches and perfectly conforms to curved or uneven surface. ECO-UV S Ink is an ideal solution for industrial prototyping of vacuum-formed and molding products and small lot production of signage or POP displays.

*: VersaUV users who are currently using ECO-UV Inks (EUV) can switch to the ECO-UV S Inks.


Larger UV-LED Lamps Increase Productivity While Lowering Costs

The LEC-540 features the newest generation UV-LED lamps, designed to cure Roland UV inks. This state-of-the-art curing systems is safe to use and requires little power to operate. Lamps last up to 10,000 hours. The LEC-540 LED curing lamps automatically reposition themselves for optimum image quality in each print mode.

*The life span of Roland UV-LED lamps may vary due to temperature and printing conditions.

Print&Cut Streamlines Workflow

The LEC-540 is an integrated Print&Cut device that combines precision printing with an automated contour cutting function through one seamless workflow. Renowned Roland Print&Cut technology contour cuts the most intricate designs as well as larger graphics up to the full width of the media.

Integrated Perforated Cut and Crease Features

The LEC-540 can create a perforated cut on non-lined media (like card stock for packaging prototypes). By switching out the cutting tool, the LEC can also crease your media for easy, accurate folding of packaging prototypes.

Contour Cutting Even After Lamination

For more durable graphics, simply remove prints, laminate and reload them for precision cutting. The Roland’s optical registration system, Quadralign®, prints crop marks at each corner of the media. When laminated media is reloaded, Quadralign® automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for skew and distortion.

Advanced Media Take-Up System

The LEC-540 includes an automated media take-up system to facilitate precision unattended printing when using roll media. This pre-assembled unit includes an advanced tension-controlled take-up system for optimum media feed and tracking.

Automated Ink Circulation System for Consistent Long-Term Image Quality

The VersaUV series comes with Roland’s unique, automated ink circulation system that prevents the pigment in white ink from settling. This system automatically reduces waste of white ink, lowers running costs, produces exceptional image quality, and ensures consistent white density throughout the longest production runs.

VersaWorks RIP Software

The Roland’s true Adobe® PostScript® 3™ RIP is easy to use and incorporates the latest CPSI engine for exceptional production output. Features include estimation of ink usage and print time for each job, control of up to four Roland devices, and accurate color matching using the Roland Color System Library.

Compatible with the Industry's Leading Provides of Color Management System

With the support of the color management software, the model can reproduce tints that are similar to those realized by offset, roto-gravure and flexo-presses.

>To Color Management Software Solution >

Roland OnSupport Messaging System Included for Remote Production Management

The LEC-540 features Roland OnSupport, an online customer support system allowing users to remotely track the status of the printer’s activities. The system sends e-mails to users notifying them of important information such as when a job is completed and when ink is running low. With Roland OnSupport, users can also quickly download firmware updates and important product information by accessing an exclusive website with just one mouse click.

Optional deodorising system

An Optional Deodorizing Unit for VersaUV Series Models

An optional deodorizing unit is available for the VersaUV series models. It contains an activated carbon filter which effectively removes the odor and volatile substances that occur during printing. It is effective in making your work environment comfortable when the VersaUV is operating.

Adobe, PostScript, PostScript 3 and the PostScript logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. PANTONE(R) is the property of Pantone LLC. Reproduction or use of copyrighted material is governed by local, national, and international laws. Customers are responsible for observing all applicable laws and are liable for any infringement.
Printing technology
Piezo electric inkjet
260 to 1371 mm (10.2 to 54 in.)
Maximum 1.0 mm (39 mil) with liner, for printing, Maximum 0.4 mm (16 mil) with liner and 0.22 mm (9 mil) without liner, for cutting
Roll outer diameter
Maximum 210 mm (8.3 in.)
Roll weight
Maximum 30 kg (66 lb.)
Core diameter *1
76.2 mm (3 in.) or 50.8 mm (2 in.)
Printing/cutting width*2
Maximum 1346 mm (53 in.)
Ink cartridges
220 cc
ECO-UV INK: Six colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white and gloss)
ECO-UV S INK: Five colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white)
Printing resolution (dots per inch)
Maximum 1440 dpi
Cutting speed
10 to 600 mm/s (10 to 300 mm/s in media-feed direction)
Blade force
30 to 300 gf
Blade offset compensation
0.000 to 1.500 mm (0 to 0.0591 in.)
Software resolution (when cutting)
0.025 mm/step (0.000984 in./step)
Distance accuracy (when printing)*4 *5 *9
Error of less than ±0.3% of distance traveled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Distance accuracy (when cutting)*4 *9
Error of less than ±0.4% of distance traveled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
When distance correction has been performed (when the setting for [CUTTING MENU] - [CALIBRATION] has been made):
Error of less than ±0.2% of distance traveled, or ±0.1 mm, whichever is greater
Repetition accuracy (when cutting)*4 *6 *9
±0.1 mm or less
Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting*4 *7 *9
±0.5 mm or less
Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting when reloading media*4 *8
Error of less than ±0.5% of distance traveled, or ±3 mm, whichever is greater
Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automatic switching)
Power-saving function
Automatic sleep feature
Power requirements
AC 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, maximum 5.5 A
Power consumption
During operation
490 W
Sleep mode
15.3 W
Acoustic noise level
During operation
64 dB (A) or less
During standby
40 dB (A) or less
Dimensions (with front table and stand)
2,925 (W) x 1,120 (D) x 1,260 (H) mm [115.2 (W) x 44.1 (D) x 49.6 (H) in.]
Weight (with stand)
225 kg (496 lb.)
Power on
Temperature: 20 to 32°C (68 to 90°F) [22°C(72°F) or higher recommended] , humidity: 35 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Power off
Temperature: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F), humidity: 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Stand, power cord, crease tool (XD-CT), blade (ZEC-U5022, ZEC-U3050), blade holder (XC-CH2), media clamps, replacement blade for separating knife, cleaning kit, software RIP (Roland VersaWorks ), and user's manual, etc.

*1 The media holder for this machine is exclusively designed for media rolls with a paper tube measuring 3 inches in diameter. To use 2-inch media rolls, the optional media flanges are required.
*2 The length of printing or cutting is subject to the limitations of the program.
*3 Ink configuration must be selected upon purchase.
*4 Using Roland specified media, loaded correctly, temperature: 25°C (77°F), humidity: 50 %, all pinch rollers are used, 25 mm or more for both right and left margins and 35 mm or more front margin, excluding expansion or contraction of the media. and all correction and adjustment functions of this machine have been made properly.
*5 Using Roland specified media, print travel of 1m
*6 [PREFEED] menu item must be set to "ENABLE," Media 3,000 mm long.
*7 Provided that media length is under 3,000 mm. Excluding possible shift caused by expansion or contraction of the media and/or by reloading the media.
*8 Using Roland specified media, data size: 1,000 mm in the media-feed direction, 1,346 mm in the carriage-movement direction. No lamination. Automatic detection of crop marks at 4 points when media is reloaded. During cutting, [PREFEED] menu item must be set to "ENABLE."
Excludes the effects of skewed movement and of expansion and contraction of the media.
*9 Applicable when neither the front table nor the rear table is used.

Roland VersaWorks System Requirements

Operating system
Windows® 8/8.1 (32/64-bit); Windows® 7 Professional/Ultimate (32/64-bit); Windows Vista® Business/Ultimate (32/64-bit edition)
Intel® Core™2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
2 GB or more recommended
Video card and monitor
A resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 or more recommended
Free hard-disk space
40 GB or more recommended
Hard-disk file system
NTFS format
Optical drive
DVD-ROM drive

*Roland VersaWorks is a 32-bit application, which runs on 64-bit Windows® with WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit). 
*Windows® RT is excluded.

Magenta, 220cc
Yellow, 220cc
Cyan, 220cc
Black, 220cc
White, 220cc
Gloss, 220cc
Magenta, 220cc
Yellow, 220cc
Cyan, 220cc
Black, 220cc
White, 220cc
Cleaning liquid
1 pc.
Crease tool
1 pc.
For vinyl, sandblast, card board, 1pc.
For thick, reflective and fluorescent vinyl, 2pcs.
For thick, reflective and fluorescent vinyl, 5pcs.
Blade holder
Blade holder with blade extension adjuster, made of aluminum

Deodorising system

Deodorising unit
Print Pro Universal
Replacement Filters
370?W?×430?D?×670?H?mm [14.6 x 16.9 x 26.4 in.]
45kg [99.2lb.]
Airflow (with filters fitted)
380m³/h [223cfm]
AC 115-230V 1ph 50/60Hz
Full load current
Noise Level
< 80dB
Treated Activated Carbon: 25kg [55.1lb.]
Temperature: 5°C to 40°C?Humidity: 80%RH ?up to 31°C? to 50%RH (40°C?
Included items
User's manual, Internal filters, Extraction hose kit, Power code