EGX-400, EGX-600

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The EGX series of engraving machines are designed to meet the demands of business, by delivering exceptional engraving quality down to the finest details. Combining high-speed, high-precision engraving with superb efficiency and ease-of-use, the EGX series is the optimum engraver for any professional. Capable of 3D engraving on wood, metal or plastic, these engravers can add flair to a wide variety of applications, including name plates, awards, accessories and other personalized gifts, 3D reliefs and much more. Ideal for boosting business potential by providing high value-added services.

  • High Speed Engraving

    Roland High Speed Engraving (HSE) owes its amazing speed and quality to both servo motors and Feed Forward Processing (FFP). Servo motors generate plenty of torque for smooth, fast engraving; while FFP “look ahead” technology anticipates tool path for greater accuracy and energy efficiency.

    The Roland EGX-600 has a maximum engraving speed of 100 mm/second and a maximum spindle speed of 30,000 rpm. Both can engrave a wide variety of materials, including wood, urethane foam, plastic, acrylic, and light metals such as brass and aluminum.


    • Computerized Engraving Made Easy

      The EGX-600 doesn’t even need a desktop or laptop computer. Simply use a removable MMC memory card to store programmed files and then insert it directly into the EGX for engraving. A separate teaching feature allows you to send operating commands directly from the control panel to the machine, also without using a PC. The commands can be saved in the built-in memory or on the removable MMC memory card.

      Dr. Engrave uses TrueType fonts and includes an automatic layout function for importing Excel and CSV database files for fast engraving of product serial numbers and nametags. The software quickly and easily imports data and places columns of information into pre-defined text boxes to produce corporate nametags and entire door-numbering projects. Dr. Engrave is compatible with Windows® 2000/XP/Vista.

      3D Engrave allows you to produce 3D reliefs. MODELA Player CAM software reads DXF and STL files created with popular 3D CAD programs. Virtual MODELA4 enables simulation of finished shapes for previewing on your computer screen before beginning production. A Windows® driver is also included.

      The EGX-600 is compatible with most engraving programs on the market, including FlexiEngrave 8.51, EngraveLab v7.1, and Roland R-WearStudio.

      Roland R-WearStudio makes it easy to produce apparel decorations featuring rhinestone embellishments and heat transfers using vector-based designs, logos and lettering. The software turns a $50 pair of jeans into trendy, custom couture that retails for $150 and up. You can import your own graphics, rhinestone patterns, personalized lettering, unique backgrounds and more for the ultimate in customization.

      Roland R-WearStudio also comes complete with library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones that match the different colors, sizes and types available on the market. R-WearStudio has automated fill patterns and the ability to adjust rhinestone placement. The software also has the ability to calculate setup cost for rhinestones to make pricing out jobs easier.



  EGX-400 EGX-600
Max. cutting area 407 (X) x 305 (Y) x 42.5 (Z) mm [(16 (X) x 12 (Y) x 1-5/8 (Z) in.] 610 (X) x 407 (Y) x 42.5 (Z) mm [24 (X) x 16 (Y) x 1-5/8 (Z) in.]
Acceptable material thickness 40 mm (1.575")
XYZ motor AC servo motor (DAC-FFP)
Feed rate XY-axis : 0.5 mm/sec. , 1~100 mm/sec. Z-axis : 0.5 mm/sec., 1~50 mm/sec.
Acceleration 0.1 G , 0.05 G
Software Resolution 0.01 mm/step (0.00039"/step)
Mechanical Resolution XY-axis: 0.003 mm/step (0.00012 in./step) Z-axis: 0.0025 mm/step (0.000098 in./step)
Spindle motor DC brushless motor Max. 72 W
Revolution Speed 8,000 - 30,000 rpm
Tool chuck Cutter holder or Collet system
Positioning accuracy ± 0.1 % of distance traveled or ± 0.1 mm (± 0.004 in.), whichever is greater (no-load operation)
Repeat accuracy 0.05 mm (0.002 in.) or less
Display Liquid crystal display unit (with back light)
Interface Parallel (in compliance with the specification of Centoronics) Serial (under RS-232C standard) , External connector 1 , External connector 2
Buffer size 2 MB
Power Supply 100 , 117 , 230 , 240 V ± 10%
Power Consumption 350 VA
Dimensions 795 (W) x 719 (D) x 521 (H) mm [31-5/16 (W) x 28-5/16 (D) x 20-1/2 (H) in.] 995 (W) x 820 (D) x 521 (H) mm [39-3/16 (W) x 32-5/16 (D) x 20-1/2 (H) in.]
Weight 51 kg (112 lb.) 64 kg (141 lb.)
Operation Environment Temp: 5° - 40°C (41° - 104°F) Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Accessories Control panel , Control panel cable , Power code , Nose unit ,
Solid collet (φ4.36 mm) , Clamp , Spanner (17 mm , 10 mm),
Hexagonal screw driver , Hexagonal wrench ,
Roland Software Package CD-ROM , User's manual